How we have impacted the industry

As a company with over 50 years experience in the caravanning industry, we understand the importance of staying up to date with the latest trends and requirements; evolving our business in order to provide our customers with a service that is both tailored to their individual needs as well as those of the changing times.

With that in mind, here are just a few examples of how we have impacted the caravan industry over the past four decades.

The NCC Approved Workshop Campaign

Created to improve consumer protection and promote the interests of NCC Dealership members, the Approved Dealership Scheme provides an established best practice benchmark within the caravan industry; outlining standards which are closely monitored and policed  in order to ensure that those holding Approved Dealership status continue to provide the level of service expected by the scheme’s rigorous standards.

Our own Joint Director, Darren Brown, was asked to speak at the NCC Annual Forum on the subject of dealer standards, where he identified the dramatic difference in the levels of service and the experiences of customers visiting different dealerships; something that contributed to the NCC’s decision to implement Codes of Practice in order to address the industry’s shortcomings. He now sits on the National Caravan Council’s Strategic Panel for Touring Caravans; believing that the levels of service it expects are essential to improve the British caravan industry.

Both Broad Lane branches, Alcester and Kenilworth have been awarded the NCC Approved Dealership status; providing our customers with proof that as a company we will continue to make a strong and serious commitment to protect their interests and strive to deliver the highest standards of customer service.

Broad Lane’s Special Edition Caravans


Over twenty five years ago, our desire to make high spec, low weight and great value for money caravans became a reality!

With long standing relationships established with some of the leading touring caravan manufacturers, we are now proud to offer three ranges of special edition caravans! Exclusively available from Broad Lane, each model has been carefully considered and created specifically with our customers in mind.

Providing all the features of their standard model counterparts along with a whole host of additional spec, at prices that offer extraordinary value for money, these sought after models stand testament to both the connections we have created with Britain’s top brands like Coachman and Swift, as well as our aim to strive to provide our customers with the products that reflect their needs in an ever changing landscape.

We now have two model ranges produced by Swift, the sumptuous lightweight Swift Fairway and the high uber spec’d Swift Fairway Platinum. We also have Limited Edition Coachman Acadia Xtra, doing exactly what it says on the tin – giving masses of extra spec for an amazing pack price!

The Glass’s Guide

As an essential guide for the valuation of touring caravans and motorhomes, as well as motor homes, park homes and holiday homes the Glass’s Guide is a key benchmark for all UK dealerships when accurately pricing stock.

As a business with a vast amount of experience in supplying both high quality new and used caravans and motor homes, Broad Lane’s involvement in the process behind the valuations provided within the guide, which form a basis for the prices established by almost all dealerships across the country, cements our position within the industry and the knowledge we can offer to the market.

Broad Lane Leisure has been a regular contributor to Glasses Guide for over two decades!


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