Awning size guide

A guide to measuring your awning

If you're looking to purchase a caravan awning, you will need to measure your caravan in order to determine the size of the awning you require. When measuring your caravan, it is important that your caravan is situated on level ground and loaded normally in order to be accurate.

If you are happy that this is the case, you will need to measure your caravan ground to ground from a point directly below the awning channel at one end, across the length of the caravan to a point directly below the awning channel at the other end, as demonstrated in the image below. 


Once this measurement is obtained, you can use the tables below to calculate the awning size that you'll need from the various manufacturers.

Isabella and Ventura awning size chart

If you are looking to purchase an Isabella awning, you can search for your caravan's measurements using the tool below. Simply enter your caravan's brand and production year and the tool will generate the Isabella awning size you require to fit your unit.


Bradcot awning size chart

If you would like to purchase a Bradcot Awning but are unsure of the size you will need, find your caravan measurements on the table below to identify the Bradcot Awning size you require.

Length Bradcot Awning size
706-735cm 720
736-765cm 750
755-795cm 780
796-825cm 810
826-855cm 840
856-885cm 870
886-908cm 900
909-923cm 915
924-938cm 930
939-953cm 945
954-968cm 960
969-983cm 975
984-998cm 990
999-1013cm 1005
1014-1028cm 1020
1029-1043cm 1035
1044-1065cm 1050
1066-1095cm 1080
1096-1125cm 1110


Kampa awning size chart

To identify the Kampa Awning size you need, use the instructions at the top of this page to measure your caravan, then locate its length on the table below to find the necessary Kampa Awning size


Kampa Awning size
788-812cm 800
812-838cm 825
838-863cm 850
863-888cm 875
888-913cm 900
913-938cm 925
938-963cm 950
963-988cm 975
988-1013cm 1000
1013-1038cm 1025
1038-1063cm 1050
1063-1088cm 1075
1088-1113cm 1100
1113-1138cm 1125
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