Second hand & clearance awnings

At Broad Lane Leisure, not only do we sell new awnings, we stock many second hand awnings.

Our second hand Awnings come in through a variety of ways including part exchange, sell on behalf for our customers and through caravan deals in which awnings are left with the van.

As with our new awnings, we acquire various makes and models of awning within our second hand range. The quality and age of the awnings range which can be seen from through the price range. We have awnings perfect for people starting off in caravans and those who are after an awning for the right price.

Why buy second hand?

The price is a major factor in second hand awnings. You can get quality awnings such as an Isabella for less than half the price of their initial retail value.With our second hand awnings, they will all come into our showroom and are viewed thoroughly by the awning department before being put on sale. This ensures that we know that the entire framework is complete and that the canvas does not have any damage. With this, this enables our awning department to give a true reflection of the condition of the awning to the customer interested. If visiting our showroom, the awning department will be happy to get the awnings out so they can be viewed so the customer can have a better idea of the awning.

Why buy second hand through a dealer like us?

As mentioned previously, we take a lot of care and attention into viewing all of our second hand awnings before putting them on sale. So if there are parts missing off the frame for example, we will know and will put the problems right. Past experiences of people buying second hand awnings online have resulted in customers saying they have purchased awnings and they have several parts missing or it is not the correct size. Purchasing the correct awning size for the caravan that you have is crucial. You could be 2centremetres out and the awning will not fit.

Clearance awnings

As well as second hand awnings, we do sell brand new awnings at clearance prices. These again range in make, model and year, but you can make huge savings on quality brand new awnings. 

If you require any further information about our second hand or clearance awnings, why not give us a call on 01789 763 432 or email [email protected]



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