Isabella Prisma Awning 2019

Sorry the awning you are looking for is no longer available

Here are some similar ones:
  • NEW Frontier Air Pro 2018

    NEW Frontier Air Pro 2018
    More details

    The New Frontier is eight metres wide, The depth is an impressive three metres. As with all Kampa AIR awnings, the Frontier is inflated through a single inflation point and the three front panels can be removed to make it easier to thread the awning onto your caravan. Once set up you can revel in the large open inside space with loads of room for furniture and all your other caravanning equipment.

    • Make: Kampa
  • Motor Ace Air 400

    Motor Ace Air 400
    More details

    The ultimate inflatable awning. No other inflatable awning offers such style whilst still being completely functional - you’re certain to be the envy of the caravan park. Everything we know about awning design is incorporated within this model, that’s thirty nine years of continual awning design.

    • Make: Kampa
  • Classic Air Expert 2018

    Classic Air Expert 2018
    More details

    The inflatable awning that doesn't look like an inflatable awning! Don't be deceived by its traditional good looks, this awning is inflated like any of our other AIR awnings from just one inflation point. This makes it quick and easy to setup up yet it could be mistaken for classic Danish design

    • Make: Kampa
  • Kampa Ace Air 2018

    Kampa Ace Air 2018
    More details

    Europe's most sought after awning and for 2018 we've made some small improvements to make it even better. The Ace AIR Pro offers such style whilst still being completely functional - you're certain to be the envy of the caravan park.

    • Make: Kampa
  • Motor Rally Air Pro (Fixed)

    Motor Rally Air Pro (Fixed)
    More details

    The Motor Rally AIR Pro has been incredibly popular due to features such as the connection method for protruding roll-out awnings that allows the awning to sit flat against the motorhome.

    • Make: Kampa
  • NEW Pop Air Pro 2018

    NEW Pop Air Pro 2018
    More details

    The inflatable awning solution for your Eriba caravan. Now you an have a Kampa inflatable awning that is easy to set up and gives your valuable living space. There are four sizes specifically designed to fit the different sized Eriba Touring caravans but these will also fit other pop-up caravans depending upon their height and length. The Pop awnings have a clever dual height system that means that they will fit pre and post 2010 models

    • Make: Kampa
  • Kampa Fiesta Air Pro 2018

    Kampa Fiesta Air Pro 2018
    More details

    The Kampa Fiesta AIR is quick and easy to assemble and disassemble, making it perfect for anyone who is constantly on the move.

    • Make: Kampa
  • Kampa Rally Air Pro 2018

    Kampa Rally Air Pro 2018
    More details

    Reliability and quality are two words that seem to be synonymous with the Kampa Rally Air Pro, and as such it is one of the most popular awnings on the market.

    • Make: Kampa
  • Kampa Ace 2018

    Kampa Ace 2018
    More details

    As well as inflatable technology, Kampa are at the forefront of conventional awning design. The Ace showcases all that’s best in lightweight awning design and function. The Ace, like all Rally awnings, is easy to set up - it is no more difficult than our smaller models. The awning is 400 cm wide and a very generous 300 cm deep - big enough for an extended holiday and an ideal replacement for a full awning. All five panels can be zipped out and an optional annexe can be zipped into either side.

    • Make: Kampa
  • Kampa Travel Pod Midi AIR

    Kampa Travel Pod Midi AIR
    More details

    Offering a spacious interior living space, whilst also boasting a quick and easy set up - the Travel Pod Midi AIR is the ideal choice of awning.

    • Make: Kampa

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