Getting into caravanning with Swift

Caravanning offers a greater freedom that other holidays simply can’t match. With advances in construction, technology, insulation, heating and interior design, more and more people are starting to buy caravans of their own, and Swift are leading the way! With many aspects to consider including price, design, layout, berth; not to mention safety, stability and restrictions on towing, many people are turning to dealerships to help them choose the right caravan.

Broad Lane Leisure has over 40 years’ experience in helping their customers select the best caravan for them. With a vast array of brands and models, both new and used, and with branches in Alcester, Coventry and Kenilworth, Broad Lane Leisure is the first choice for first time buyers.

If you are considering caravanning for the first time, take a look at Swift's video below to find out what it could be like for you!

The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Broad Lane Leisure are ready to welcome new customers with their professional advice; helping them avoid the numerous pitfalls when it comes to purchasing a caravan and ensure their customers safety, comfort and satisfaction. Pitfalls such as:
  • Does your driver’s license permit you to tow your desired caravan?
  • Will your existing car be able to tow your desired caravan?
  • Which caravan layout is the best for me and my family?
  • Should I buy a new or used caravan?
  • Do I need to inform my car insurance that I will be towing a caravan?
  • Do I need to take out specialist caravan insurance?
  • Have I got the room to store a caravan?

When opting for a used caravan there are even more aspects to consider; has my caravan had a full health check? Does it come with a full warranty? Has the history of the caravan been checked? Visiting a dealership is the best way to ensure you make an informed decision when purchasing your first caravan.  

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