5 Step Check when Hitching Up

Here's what you need to know when hitching up...

Towing safely is vital for you, your family and those around you on the roads and it all starts when you hitch your caravan up!

1. Hitch Up - We recommend aligning the towbar and car up, before hand to save straining your back. It is also helpful to have two people on the job (or a rear camera) 

2. Attach break away cable - this will either be on a dedicated carabiner clip point or a single wire cable that hooks over the towball

3. Take handbrake off - remove the handbrake for seemless towing, you'll be sursrised how easy it is to overlook this step!! 

4. Check electrics - brake lights and indicators should all be in sync with the car itself. Have soemone stand behind the vehicle or double check these yourself to ensure everyone around you on the roads know where you and your van are going

5. Wind the jockey wheel up - when you have made all of the above checks pull the jockey wheel up and off you go


If you follow these simple 5 steps, you will be safe and sound while on the road. 


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