Blow Them Out!

Don't forget to carry out this vital task, before putting your cravan away for winter

The temperature is dropping and by now your caravans and motor homes are being tucked away for winter, however, have you done the single most important task to ensure the safety of your caravans internal system. 
Draining down the water system! 
The cooler temperatures can lead to pipes or tanks bursting as a result of freezing, should there be any water left in the system. This can cause catastrophic damage and a hefty price to pay on your behalf in order to get things in working order again. 
Sealed heating systems containing anti-freeze don’t need to be drained but do check your anti-freeze levels annually. 
Here’s how to ensure your system is drained down properly: 
First of all, you’ll need to find the drain down taps on your caravan. These are usually near your hot or cold water tank. 
Start by switching off and disconnecting the water pump from your caravan, then open all the taps, including in the washroom and the shower, after which, open the drain down taps near the water tank. With the drain down taps open, water should drain out of the bottom of the caravan.

Empty and clean the caravan’s cassette toilet using freshwater and when all the water has drained down, operate the flush on your toilet to make sure all the water has been removed. Next, ensure you leave all taps open. If you have mixer taps open to their halfway setting, between hot and cold.

In the shower, make sure the tap is open and remove the showerhead and place on the floor in a bowl.

Once the water systems are drained down, pour a small amount of non-toxic anti-freeze solution down the kitchen and bathroom plug holes to prevent any residual water freezing in the pipe’s U-bends.

Some caravanners always drain down before towing as it helps to reduce the weigh of your caravan and increases stability. Plus, the movement of your caravan on the road could help more water trickle out of the water system if the drain down taps are left open.

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