Caravan Security - top tips

Top tips for improving caravan security

Going away in your caravan should be a relaxing and stress-free experience. By following our simple security advice you will not only gain peace of mind, but may also be able to reduce your insurance premium.

Although caravan theft is on the decline; caravans, their accessories and contents are seen as an easy target for rich pickings – whether in storage compounds, on home driveways, motorway service stations or campsites so having good security in place is essential.

How to keep my caravan secure?

There are several security precautions you can take to mitigate the risk of caravan theft:

• Keep a photographic record at home of the interior and exterior of your caravan, in particular any identifying marks.
• Invest in one or more of the security devices outlined below.
• Ensure your vehicle identification number (VIN) is etched on each window.
• Display security stickers warning that the caravan has been registered with CRiS.
• Always immobilise your caravan, even for brief stops.
• If possible, pick a campsite that is Police Approved.
• When you arrive on site, ask neighbouring caravanners to keep an eye on your caravan and offer to do the same for them.
• Take any valuables with you when you go out and leave curtains open.
• Always lock all doors, windows and roof lights.

What can I use to stop my caravan being stolen?

The two main types of locks available to protect your caravan from theft are hitch locks and wheel locks.

Hitch locks lock your car and caravan together when on site or at temporary stops en route. They are the minimum security step required by most insurance companies, but you need to ensure that the hitch lock completely covers the hitch-head plus the securing bolts.

Wheel locks (similar to wheel clamps but fitting through the wheel and locking to the brake assembly) have a dual purpose: visual deterrent and anti-theft device. The best wheel locks will still work even if the caravan tyres are let down by thieves. 

In addition to caravan locks, it may be worth considering installing an alarm. Primed to activate as soon as movement is detected inside your caravan, with remote sensors to protect your awning, an alarm can act as a powerful visual deterrent – encouraging an opportunist thief to move on. Caravan tracking systems are also growing in popularity. Although expensive, some of the cost may be offset against a sizeable discount on your insurance premium as they speed up recovery of stolen caravans. 

Other effective caravan security products include: security posts, high security door locks, corner steady locks and lockable winter wheels.

Can you recommend a caravan insurer?

No security device can guarantee 100% protection from caravan theft, so in case the worst does happen it is essential that you have adequate insurance cover. Over the years we have developed a good relationship with Caravan Guard – an award-winning provider of good value insurance.

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