If you are using your van in the winter months condensation can be a problem or even a worry for you. However there are some simple tips to keep you condensation free while using your van in the colder months. 

Condensation is simply water which collects as droplets on a cold surface when humid air is in contact with it. Put simply if the temperature outside of the caravan or motorhome differs greatly from that inside, you will get condensation. This is more common in the colder months as the outside temperature is considerably lower than the cosy temperature you may have set inside. So how do you prevent this?  

*Create ventilation - opening windows to a vent setting at both the front and back of your caravan or motorhome will allow ventilation of air, which will lower your chances of condensation 

*Use Kontrol Krystals - these moisture sapping crystals allow excess humidity to be trapped in them, through a simple chemical process. Read more about them here, or head to your local Broad Lane to purchase them in store. 

*Consider temperature - if you are using your vehicle in the winter months be aware that condensation is a normal occurrence, if you are particularly worried lower the temperature of the heating in the van to prevent such a clash of air temperatures.

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