How to check your caravan tyres

Are your caravan tyres fit for the job?

Your caravan is likely to clock up a fair few miles over the years so it’s essential that its tyres are up to the job. As with any vehicle, wheels and tyres are an important safety factor. As well as being potentially dangerous, blowouts or punctures are also highly inconvenient – especially if you are loaded up with kids, dogs and assorted paraphernalia or in a hurry to get to your destination.

The main things that need checking regularly on caravan tyres are: tyre pressure, tyre wear, tyre age and tyre condition.

Caravan tyre pressure

Ideally, you should check your caravan tyre pressure not only before each journey but also every few weeks when the caravan is in storage. We don’t advise trusting the pressure gauge at a petrol station as these are often unreliable. Instead check it at home with a digital tyre pressure gauge following the instructions in your caravan manual. The optimum tyre pressure for your caravan will depend on its load, so try to check again after you have packed and before you set off.

Caravan tyre tread

You must change your caravan tyres immediately if the tread falls below the legal minimum tread depth of 1.6mm. If the tyres appear to be wearing unevenly, try to discover the reason as it needs rectifying.

Caravan tyre age

If your caravan does not cover many miles its tyres may well become too old before they get a chance to wear out. Age deterioration can lead to failure such as tyre blowouts; caravan experts therefore recommend changing tyres after five years and never using them once they pass seven years old.

Tyre condition

Check regularly for any cuts, bulges or cracks; any tyres suffering from this kind of deterioration or damage must be changed immediately. Many caravan insurance policies do not cover tyre blowouts or punctures, so prevention is the name of the game.

Before buying a second-hand caravan, check the tyres first. Even if you are planning to change the tyres anyway for your own safety and peace of mind, if they are clearly damaged or old you can use this fact in your negotiations to reduce the price.

If you’re not sure whether your caravan tyres are fit for purpose, please feel free to bring your caravan into Broad Lane so that our experienced staff can take a look for you and give you our professional advice.

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