Protecting your caravan

Storing your caravan safely

If you keep your caravan at home then try to choose a position which is difficult for any would-be thieves to access and that makes the hitch difficult to hook up to, i.e. up against a wall or garage rather than facing outwards on the driveway. 
Most people who store their caravan at home will park it on the drive, but remember that a driveway with a locked barrier is much more secure than an open driveway so consider fitting gates or a drivepost particularly if you have a higher value or twin axle tourer.
If you store your ‘van at a storage site then aim for one with 24 hour access control, perimeter fencing and CCTV – CaSSOA (link to: sites are a good place to start but the main thing is to look at what security the site has. 
Another good tip whether storing at home or on a site is to remove the caravan’s cushions when it is not in use, as this will greatly deter thieves looking through the window – having to re-upholster a caravan makes it a very unattractive target.

Fit quality security devices

Pro-active, monitored tracking devices are one of the best caravan security devices available and will not only keep your ‘van safe but also earn you an impressive caravan security discount on your caravan insurance.Alarm systems are also readily available and very effective, particularly devices which work in conjunction with a tracking device, as even if nobody is around to hear the alarm the monitoring centre will alert you when the alarm goes off.
Another type of device which really works is an axle wheel lock such as Al-Ko secure, which provides a much greater level of security than an average 'over the wheel' clamp. Many new caravans come with a receiver for or a complete axle wheel lock system. Note that wheel clamps and hitchlocks are often compulsory in order to acquire insurance cover but generally an axle lock will be accepted in place of a wheel clamp.

Why not ask us at Broad Lane how you could enhance your caravan security levels?

Keep your caravan safe when on a campsite

Caravan campsites are generally pretty safe places to be as there are plenty of people around to spot any would be thieves. But however tempting it may be to kick back as soon as you roll on to site, there are a few necessary precautions which should be taken. Plus you can relax even more safe in the knowledge you’re all set up.
The first thing to do is ensure your wheelclamp (or axle lock) and hitchlock have been fitted – if you do this as part of your normal setup such as connecting electricity and water etc then it soon becomes part of your routine and won’t take too long.
An awning can also be a great way to make your caravan less attractive to thieves as they will have to disconnect it, dismantle it, or cut it off in order to tow the tourer away - all of which attract attention and slow the thief down. But just remember that awnings themselves are very insecure so don’t leave anything valuable inside them overnight or when you leave your caravan unattended.
Making friends with your neighbours is also a good way to keep your caravan safe as most people on a campsite will be happy to keep an eye out when you’re out; call it campsite neighbourhood watch!
Stay safe, and happy camping!

This article was written by our insurance partner Caravan Guard. Broad Lane customers get a dealer insurance discount. Find out more here

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