Save Money this Spring!

How to get the most out of your caravanning holiday...

While it is lovely to be able to nip for a quick weekend away, we are fully aware that the expenses to take the family out on a caravan trip can soon add up.

Thats why we want to share a few ways you can think less about the spending and more about enjoying your trip.

Shop till you drop (…costs)

While having the occasional meal out when touring in your caravan, motorhome or even camper van, is enjoyable, by writing up a food list and planning a few meals you can really can save a hunk of money. It also allows you to see what local produce there is (if you choose to shop where you are staying) meaning you may find new foods you love!

Also by planning ahead you prevent the mad service station dashes for sweets/ treats/ all those things you need when your hungry, with little other option, and which really sting the wallet.

Make your own morning coffee

If you find yourself going to the local cafe every morning for your caffeine fix, why not save money (and time) by making your own! You can buy some amazing flavours in supermarkets these days, and often local farm shops stock a wider variety of tea and coffee due to demand. So swap your shop bought for homemade and enjoy the scenery around you!


If you are blessed with bank accounts that sprout money magically then this article probably isn’t for you! However budgeting is the best way to avoid stress when away due to finances. Setting spending limits for food, trips, activities allows you to feel confident in the scope you have, and allowing you to relax and enjoy the trip rather than worry money is being spent here, there and everywhere. It’s also important to plan for emergencies so if anything does crop up, whether it’s to do with your car, caravan, motorhome etc. you know there is a little stash of money to deal with it.

Drive Wise

When travelling long distances, a sure way to save money on fuel is by driving wise. Sometimes choosing slower country roads not only is more economical in terms of fuel but often saves milage to. Avoiding hilly terrain (where possible) will lower fuel consumption as well as ensuring tyres are inflated correctly. Finally, just as under inflated tyres can affect fuel economy - so can a dirty air filter, by as much as 7%!

Find the best place to fill with fuel

At some point you will have to refuel, however it doesn’t have to be the most expensive part of your trip. By checking fuel prices on websites like PetrolPrices you are able to see where it makes sense to venture into towns for cheaper fuel and where it is more sensible to just stay on route. While its always nice to save a few pence per litre, don’t trek 50miles out of the way just to get the cheapest price!


With a little planning you can stretch your holiday budget a little further, affording you more opportunities to explore and spend on the things you enjoy rather than worrying about the boring bits!

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