Storing your caravan

Storing your caravan

Unless you own a tiny teardrop trailer, pop top or folding caravan – all of which are low enough to be stored out of sight and undercover in a standard height garage at home – you are faced with two main storage options if you have a more conventional-sized touring caravan or motorhome.

Caravan storage options

You can choose to keep the unit on your drive or in front of your house. This is obviously the cheapest and most convenient option, but you will be sending out a clear advert that the house is empty whenever you go off caravanning.

For reasons of practicality, the majority of caravanners choose to keep their beloved van at a storage compound, especially over the winter months when it is not likely to be used. This option is less convenient as you will have to collect and drop off your caravan each time you go away. It can also be quite expensive (although probably less than you think) but offers far better caravan safety and security.

Many caravan insurance companies will only insure your caravan if it is going to be stored somewhere which they consider to be safe. Therefore you might not have an option as to where you store it, as it may be a condition of insurance.

Choosing a caravan storage compound

Not all storage sites are equal so some things to check are:

• Is the site a member of CaSSOA 
• Is the site Police Approved?
• How far is it from your home? Is the route easy to tow a caravan?
• Are there any restrictions on access in terms of days and times open?
• What security measures, such as CCTV and automated gates, are installed? 
• Is the site well maintained, clean and tidy?

CaSSOA approved storage sites tend to be more secure, which results in less crime, but it is still advisable to use extra security measures such as: wheel locks (e.g. Alko-Secure), hitch locks, an alarm and/or tracking device.
Help and advice on finding a CaSSOA caravan storage site can be found at Or see our top tips for improving caravan security for further advice on caravan security and safety products.

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