Why you need caravan towing mirrors

Why you need caravan towing mirrors

For your safety when towing a caravan, as well as that of other road users, it is essential that you have clear rearward vision at all times. Caravan towing mirrors are designed so that you can see far past your unit and other cars in all three lanes of a motorway. Mirrors with a large head also enable you to see the top and bottom of your caravan in order to avoid high obstacles, such as overhanging trees or road signs that could damage your precious caravan.

The law on towing mirrors

Around half of caravan owners either don't know the law on towing mirrors or are willing to completely disregard it. You might think that special driving mirrors for your caravan are optional but the law says otherwise.

When towing a caravan or any other trailer you are legally required to have a clear field of vision around and behind your caravan, without any blind spots. As most caravans are significantly wider than a car, even a large 4x4, it is usually not possible to comply unless you fit extension mirrors.

Towing mirrors should be clearly seen from behind your caravan; if they are not, then you need to use extra wide arms so that the mirrors project further. This tends to apply mainly to narrow car and wide caravan combinations.

It is also important to remember to remove the mirrors when you’re not towing as it’s illegal to drive with them on if you don’t need them.

The risk of not using caravan mirrors

If caught and prosecuted for ‘towing blind’ in the UK, i.e. without any caravan mirrors or using mirrors that are too narrow, you could receive three points on your licence and be fined up to £1,000 for each side. 

So it really isn’t worth the risk, especially when a pair of towing mirrors costs under £30. They should therefore be an essential item on your list of caravan equipment. Not only could they save you from prosecution but they could also save someone’s life.

The specialist accessories staff at Broad Lane can help you choose the right driving mirrors for your car and caravan, so why not give us a call or pop in to see us?

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