Campsite essentials

Essentials for when on a campsite

If you’re new to caravanning, there seems to be 101 things to learn and remember to do. After a few trips most of these will become second nature; meanwhile, you may find it useful to print out some information to make sure your caravanning adventures goes run smoothly.

Campsite essentials

Once you’ve settled into your caravan pitch, you don’t want your holiday to get off to a bad start by realising that you’ve forgotten to pack an essential campsite item. Although not meant to be definitive, these handy checklists are a good starting point.

Kitchen equipment

• Matches/lighter
• Kettle
• Pots, pans, crockery, glasses, cutlery
• Cooking utensils
• Tin opener, bottle opener, corkscrew
• Sharp knife, vegetable peeler
• Plastic food containers 
• Bin bags
• Kitchen foil, clingfilm, kitchen roll
• Washing up bowl, gloves, liquid
• Washing up brush, scourer, cloths 
• Tea towels
• Oven gloves
Miscellaneous items
• Rear registration number plate for caravan
• Awning (if applicable) with poles, pegs and mallet 
• Folding table and chairs 
• Caravan step
• Torch/headtorch
• Spare batteries
• Duct tape
• Map 
• Washing line and pegs
• Sewing kit
• Towels
• Toilet paper
• Air freshener
• Wet wipes
• Toiletries and medicines
• First aid kit
• Sun cream
• Insect repellent
• Fire extinguisher/blanket
• Board games, cards, books etc 
• Barbecue
• Bottled gas 
• Collapsible containers for fresh/waste water

Anything you do forget can usually be bought at the campsite or touring park shop. However, the choice may be limited and depending what time you arrive at your pitch, it may be shut.

You may choose to take all these items from your house each time you go away – in which case you need to be very organised – or keep a set of duplicate items in the caravan so that you can pack up and go, even at short notice. Remember that everything carried in the caravan will add to its weight when towing, therefore try to buy lightweight items that are specifically designed for camping and caravanning. It is also important that things are correctly loaded.

Broad Lane has a wide variety of essential equipment for touring and outdoor leisure. Our 6,000 sq ft shop at Alcester is a real haven for caravannners and motor homers. Offering a comprehensive stock of campsite accessories, including the very latest gadgetry and appliances, it will ensure your every need is satisfied. 

So why not pop in next time you’re passing and have a browse ; we can guarantee you’ll be surprised what you find.

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