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To book your service or for further information contact Broad Lane Leisure’s service team on 01789 763432 (Alcester) 01926 858880 (Kenilworth).


Here at Broad Lane we always like to stress the importance of carrying out a series of safety checks before your touring caravan, which has often been stored away during the winter months, is hitched up to a vehicle.

Our busy Approved Workshops have been working around the clock to service touring caravans in the run up to April, as many individuals are getting ready to go away for Easter, which falls late this year.

It is easy to forget that your caravan will be travelling along major roads aback your car, and as such it needs to be as safe for travel as your car itself would.

Therefore it is vital you start to prepare your caravan well in advance of any trips that may be planned, not just the day before you wish to use it!

We recommend you book your van in for an annual service at least three weeks before you first journey of the season. This allows us to check for a range of concerns that are a result of storage – such as spiders and other insects or debris blocking the gas and water pipes, even birds nesting in the wheel hub. Another alternative is planning your service a few weeks before your original date of purchase, which ensures warranty and such like does not expire.

Tyres can also become unsafe as a result of pressure build up due to the way the caravan has been stored or cracks may appear between treads that increase risk when towing, while they are dissimilar to car tyres, it is still vital they are road safe.

It is also common that owners forget to change their number-plate if they have changed car since the van went into storage. So don’t forget about the finer details!

“They give so much pleasure to families but it is essential touring caravans are serviced every year before they are used,” said Steve Monk, Alcester’s Service Manager. “We service hundreds of caravans at our branches, that are open six days a week so we know what to check and how to keep you and your van safe when on the road. Our staff are always on hand to offer advice.”

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