Static Vs Touring Caravan

Choosing a static or touring caravan

A caravanning holiday offers you the best of both worlds: home-from-home comforts in the great outdoors coupled with flexibility, freedom and independence, so it’s no surprise that caravanning is increasing in popularity. Are you eager to join the growing number of caravan owners but can’t decide between buying a static or touring unit? 

Some of the advantages of owning a touring caravan are:

• Freedom – you can go away on holiday anywhere, anytime
• Flexibility – not committed to spending every holiday caravanning in the same place 
• Spontaneity – you can pack up and go at the last minute, even if it’s somewhere local for just one night
• Chance to discover and explore different parts of the UK or abroad
• Scenic locations – many touring campsites are in picturesque spots
• There is no ongoing ground rent or service charge to pay
• Sociable – you can go away with a group of friends or family and enjoy a drink or two on the campsite so nobody has to drive
• Meet new people – make new friends each time, either on neighbouring pitches or by joining in different camp activities 
• Chance to participate in special events around the country organised by the Camping and Caravan Club C&CC etc
• Follow your hobby, interest or sport around the country (much cheaper than staying in a B&B or hotel) 
• Wide choice – from small and cosy to luxurious touring caravans
• Affordability – starting price for a touring caravan is £2K  
• Good long-term investment as caravans hold their value well
• Excellent return on investment ROI – on average, touring caravan owners go away four weeks a year plus ten weekends

Some people are rigidly loyal to their static unit and can’t imagine ever owning a touring caravan (which requires towing!) while most owners of touring vans probably find it hard to imagine spending every holiday at the same place; in the end it all boils down to personal choice and preference. 

Here at Broad Lane Leisure we are avid touring caravan fans so if you would like to find out more about the many benefits they offer, why not pop along to see us or give us a call? We would love the opportunity to share our passion with you.

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