5 Pros and Cons of buying at the NEC Show

Bright lights and big deals can be enticing when visiting the NEC Motorhome and Caravan show, however it is important to know the full picture before putting a deposit down on the caravan of your dreams.


The Good Side

The NEC is a retail show with all sorts of manufacturer offerings, so there is something for everyone, you may even just find something you weren’t looking for! 

Every single UK manufacturer are at the show, with it being the largest motorhome and caravan, meaning you can see all their products under one roof - including motorhomes, caravans, awnings and accessories. 

Not only are all products available to see, touch, engage with and understand, they are also the very latests releases and offerings in preparation of the new season. 

With free parking and easy access, it’s a great family day out - especially if you are a local midlander. 

Most importantly it is the time of year to grab an incredible deal. Dealers have enthusiasm to get deals done for the start of the new season and so caravans are ready in preparation of spring dispatches. Additionally you will be in a better position if you are part exchanging as your caravan will be seen as a year older from the 1st January as well as the guide price being reduced dramatically in accordance with that fact. It is also important to bare in mind the imminent price increases for 2020, so the NEC more than ever is the ideal time to bag your 'Brexit Busting' deals now


The Bad Side

If a deal seems too good to be true, it generally will be unfortunately. Every dealer in the country essentially work off the same terms, so if a deal you are offered varies greatly from your expectations or in comparison to other quotes you have received then there may be a reason, and it may just be a cynical one. 

Offering a part exchange? Make sure it is appraised properly before handing over a deposit, otherwise you could find yourself being swindled out of money when your van qualifies for less than the figure plucked from the air by an eager salesman looking to entice you. 

Check location! Don’t be innocently misled by representatives on manufacturer stands. Sales people represent their dealership wherever that may be in the country, which is also takes us on to the next point. 

Warranty rests with the supplying dealer not your local dealer, so don’t let the miles sap your smiles! While it can be a fun trip to pick your new caravan up from a dealer 100miles away, it certainly is not fun when you have to travel 100miles for warranty work - whether that be a failing refrigerator or annoying squeak in the floor. 

Our moral obligation, as with all dealers, lies with our own customers. So, while there is a will to assist with warranty work and servicing, there may not always be a way due to seasonality of the business, and at busier times our own customers will take priority which can impact on the use and enjoyment of your caravan and motorhome. 


As with buying anywhere, going to the NEC Caravan and Motorhome Show prepared, and with an understanding of red flags to look out for - you are able to get incredible deals whether part exchanging or if you are new into caravanning and motor-homing. We can’t wait to see you, and hope you enjoy the show as much as we do!

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