Aldi Update

Things are looking exciting for Broad Lane as Aldi apply for planning permission at the Alcester site!

There has been much specualtion since the announcement from Aldi that they were applying for planning at our Alcester site. 


It's important to make very clear that while Aldi have now applied for planning, meaning the process has started, Broad Lane are certainly not 'selling up'! 


Should Aldi's application be successful there will be a further period of time that Broad Lane remain before moving sites.... Which is where it get's exciting. 


As previously mentioned, Broad Lane Alcester will be relocating and it will be within a 10min radius of the current site. We are unable to specify any more than that at the moment, however, you certainly will not have far to travel in relation to the site currently. 


We hope you are as thrilled as we are, and we can't wait to share more information! 

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