BBC R2 Bring Pop Master to Broad Lane Alcester

It’s not everyday you get an A-List DJ, BBC radio crew and award winning band playing live music in the show room next to our very own Swift Fairway!

Well that is exactly the scene we had this Wednesday, 31st July 2019, when Ken Bruce of BBC Radio Two took Pop Masters on tour.

The legend that is Ken Bruce of BBC Radio 2 along with the award winning indie band ‘Blossoms’ and Pete Waterman, the man behind Kylie Minogue, Rick Astley and Steps, spent the morning at Broad Lane Leisure’s Alcester depot, where they were educated in all things caravanning.

After our long standing team member, Tim, suggested it would be worth applying, we were chosen to be the England representative of Pop Master, for its third day on tour all around the UK, and it couldn’t have been a bigger honour.

After a late night setting up the technical side on Tuesday, Wednesday was an early yet understandably exciting start. With the band all set up, Ken ready to go and Pete chatting with our joint managing director Darren and service manager Steve Monk, the count down began and we were live!

Our morning frivolities flew by, with amazing live music performed by the excellent Blossoms (who had to dash off after for a Radio One Live Lounge, then straight onto a plane for Moscow). The showroom was filled, and everyone ‘Stopped for Pop Master’, taking part and enjoying the atmosphere. It was all a bit surreal with Ken sat on the picnic bench, Blossoms throwing beach balls and reclining on beanbags, while Pete mingled with the crowd!

Ken, who is renowned for his lack of love towards caravans, expressed how impressed he was with the luxury and comfort of them, and particularly the range of individuals caravanning can be attractive to, from young families to retired individuals looking to enjoy the wonders of the British countryside. He even put his hand to setting up an awning (although we kept it simple for him by showing off the incredibly quick and easy Air awnings).

It was an amazing morning and we can not thank the BBC enough for their enthusiasm and professionalism, every single part of the morning was smooth as a whistle, so as hosts we could enjoy the show, just as much as the 9 million (yes, 9,000,000) listeners.

To say we have hosted a Radio Two prime time show is incredible, an accolade that is just unimaginable, the atmosphere in the showroom was fantastic and it was great to see the whole crowd in awe of the production that was going on!

One thing is sure, we will always Stop for Pop Master, when we hear it over the radio, and now, think back to the wonderful morning with cherished memories.


Listen to the broadcast here:

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