Celebrating 50 years!

🌳 50 years commemorated by 50 trees 🌳 

An article by Mieke Gadd
GADD Corporate Brand Ambassador

This year Broadlane turns 50 years old, and to celebrate they are planting 50 trees at the Warwickshire Golf and Country Club…. But you may ask why? What is the point?

Well, let us tell you! 
Broadlane has been dedicated to celebrating the Great British outdoors for over half a century. The founder, Colin Brown, set up the business in 1971 to allow the residents of Warwickshire and a far to see the newest models of caravans with ease. HE was passionate about people always being excited about their next expedition. 
Caravanning, Motorhoming and campervanning is not a substitute for an abroad holiday, but an adventure at every opportunity. It is an extension to your home that allows you to turn every weekend into a journey and an opportunity to make memories for life. 


It doesn’t start and end with each trip, it is a lifestyle, something that runs through your veins (something that runs very true for the Brown family). It is for the lovers of the outdoors, the admirers of early bird song in the summer and the frosty sun sets in the winter. It’s for people who think that bacon sandwiches taste better when cooked outside and sleep so much deeper when underneath the stars. 
So why trees you ask, well put simply…. It is because caravanning is all about loving the outdoors and Team Broadlane wanting to do their bit to make it as fruitful as possible! It has been proven that a walk among trees enhances our mood, reduces stress, and improves our mental wellbeing! Get outside, go on a venture, and enjoy the world that is right outside your door! 


Happy Birthday Broadlane! Thank you for giving us the gift of the great outdoors for 50 years! 

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