Coachman Caravans Factory Tour

On the 2nd December a group of employees from the Kenilworth branch set off to visit the Coachman factory in Hull. The team watched the build of a touring caravan on the factory line.

Facts About The Coachman Plant

  • The Coachman factory builds up to 40 touring caravans each week
  • Coachman factory employs up to 150 people
  • The manufacturing plant is over 100,000 sq. ft.
  • Based in Kingston upon Hull, Hull UK
  • The site spans over 7.5 acres 

Steve Brown reports the events of the day.

We enjoyed a guided tour around the whole facility at Amsterdam Road in Hull. We witnessed the skill and total commitment, to quality that Coachman work force have. And we were reminded of just how "hand built’’ the modern touring caravans is.

Coachman have taught Broadlane a lot about building caravans since the first models rolled off the line, in 1987. Their investment in state of the art machinery demonstrates their relentless quest for quality that Coachman strives for. New build materials are not the only highlights that we saw. The construction techniques used today are light years away from where it started.

We enjoyed watching the caravans being put together, then only four hours later a brand new Coachman coming off the end of the production line. Despite all of the skills and dedication of the team, Coachman doesn’t leave it there. Each and every caravan that is built goes straight to the “test row” where they are individually checked and treated to ensure that all the appliances work and that everything is as it should be, before it is delivered to the dealer. We came away convinced that the best UK caravans are made in Hull UK.

The Cycle Of Building A Touring Caravan

  1. Firstly, Coachman design caravan in their onsite studio (team of 6)
  2. Then machine shop, program from design studio
  3. Chassis is attached, Alko chassis used
  4. Next stop; cabinet shop, where the furniture assembles
  5. Followed by the joining of floor and walls, using a specially developed bonding gel
  6. Finally the van rolls off line to test its in full working conditions
  7. Beautiful new caravan is dispatched

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