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Covid-19 Temporary Closure FAQs

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Temporary Closure
Frequently Asked Questions

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Updated 14th May 2020

We hope that you and your family are all safe and well.

Whilst both showrooms currently remain fully closed, we thought it helpful to prepare answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions we are receiving.

Communication ; Sales ; Service ; Warranty ; Aftersales ; Awnings ; Accessories .

Communication and vehicle sales


I need to touch base; how can I get hold of you? Please take a moment to read all the Q&A’s below to see if the answer is here, however, if you feel you must contact us simply choose which site you wish to deal with and send an email…. Please bear with us though!

When do you plan to re-open your doors to the public?  At present we intend opening over a phased period. Essentially we will open the doors on 8th June as we carefully bring the site out of lockdown and undergo staff training and preparation in relation to health and safety and the New Norm!

When you re-open, what steps are being taken to ensure our safety?  Naturally new measures will be applied throughout to ensure maximum reasonable care and protection of all staff and visitors alike. This will include obeying all government recommendations and of course a good common-sense approach. 

I have seen a vehicle on your website, and I wish to see (or reserve) it; how do I go about this?  Although our branches are closed until 8th June, we are able to reserve a caravan or motorhome for you and make arrangements to view it. From the individual product’s listing page please use the Contact Us Form and someone will be in touch as soon as possible. Please ensure you supply a contact number as this is the very best way to communicate, at present, in relation to potential vehicle purchases!

I have a new vehicle on order with you – what happens now and how can I make arrangements to collect it?  Whilst we managed to liaise with almost all of our customer prior to closing, we will make contact and endeavour to satisfy your requirements as of 8th June. In relation to new vehicles yet to be built, we will work with our manufacturers in order to fulfil orders as quickly as we can. Your patience and understanding are sincerely appreciated under these difficult circumstances; however, we will focus on getting your vehicle to you as soon as possible.

We have a used vehicle on order with you, when can we collect it?  When we return to work our Sales Admin team will be in touch to reschedule a new collection date, this will be done as a priority, however, it will be a managed and controlled system as time and workshop availability allows. Detailed handovers will not be conducted, although we will provide website links for relevant and useful information. We will also be on hand to answer any immediate questions that are of concern.

You are selling my vehicle for me can you please give me an update?  Please be reassured your vehicle is secured safely within our alarmed compounds, should you wish to know more about the status of your vehicle please contact us on our return to work after June 8th.

I wish to sell my caravan, will you help?  Yes. Please hit this link to the relevant page on our website and ensure you provide your contact telephone number. Please bear with us, we only have a small number of people working behind the scenes. 

Sell or Part Exchange my Caravan

Sell or Part Exchange my Motorhome

Service and Warranty


I have missed my new vehicles service window due to the Covid-19 lockdown, what should I do?  If you wish to make a fresh booking, please contact us . Once we return to work, we will be in contact on a first come, first served basis.

I have a service booked-in for the near future, are you still going to be able to get me in once you re-open?  We will endeavour to adhere to agreed future dates, however, we will ask you to work with us if timings have to be rearranged.

My vehicle was booked in for a service / warranty work, what should I do?  If you have been unable to get your vehicle to us, do not worry, our Aftersales team will contact every customer who has been unable to get into us for a service, or to have warranty work, to reschedule a new suitable date once we return to work.

I must book my vehicle in for as service in order to maintain my vehicle warranty, how can I do this?  Please contact us and your message will be forwarded to the team to contact you upon our return.

Will a service delay affect the warranty on my vehicle?  Possibly! Whilst Swift and Coachman fully appreciate the current situation and have agreed to extend service windows, this does not mean that your annual maintenance service is not required, it is! Essentially, they will not penalise anyone for their service being delayed, however, please note your warranty will potentially be affected if you skip the annual service completely.

I need warranty work doing, when will it be sorted?  Clearly we will ask that priority is given to essential work, if you feel your warranty can wait, this will be sincerely appreciated. 

We have a technical issue with our caravan/motorhome.  As our service centres are closed, unfortunately we are unable to offer full support at this present time. Please report your fault or concern to the relevant branch by contacting us

Upon return the Aftersales Team will be in touch.

I am concerned about bringing my vehicle to you for servicing, do you offer a mobile service solution?  As the situation stands, the answer is no, however, we are currently looking very closely at offering a quality, manufacturer backed, mobile service solution.

If I bring my vehicle in to your site, will I have to be in close contact with others?  Not necessarily. Precautions will be in place; however, interaction can be kept to an absolute minimum, respecting your wishes.


Awnings and Accessories


Can I buy accessories or awnings from you?  Yes of course, especially when we are fully open, however, please email all awning enquiries to [email protected] if you wish to purchase before we re-open. 

I need advice about awnings, can you help?  Yes of course, please email your enquiry to [email protected]  


General Questions

When are camping sites opening?  Currently we understand the beginning of July is when both major Clubs’ sites are able to and planning to re-open. It is likely that others will be the same.

I want to book a caravan site but don’t know when my van will be with me….. what shall I do?  Ensure you speak to us so we can do our best to help. Please do not book a site without having assurances from us that we can satisfy your desired dates.



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