Swift Motorhome Factory Tour

During December two of our employees had the pleasure of visiting the Swift factory for an insight in to the production of motorhomes. 

Key Facts About Swift Factory

  • Located just outside of Hull
  • 5 production lines, each producing motorhomes to smaller budget caravans.
  • 24 productions stations
  • 25 caravans per working day
  •  Delivers15,000 units a year
  • 12,000+ caravans
  • 2000+ motorhomes
  • Major quality checks at the end of the line before delivery 

Tim (from our Coventry branch) and Harry (from Kenilworth) had a special tour of the Kon-tiki range Swift build.  They enjoyed following the build of the motorhome from the beginning stages of the chassis being attached, to seeing the Swift standard quality checks, right through to dispatch.

This research and understanding into the build of the Kon-tiki range has given them the knowledge and understanding of the quality and technology Swift’s Kon-tiki range has.

Q & A With Tim Brookes (Coventry Branch)

What did you see?

We were able to go to both factories and were given the grand tour, seeing the meticulous construction methods of the complete range that swift have to offer, the pride in the build of the product was obvious.

What are the new features on the Kontiki range?

Kontiki has many new features, Kitchen Work Tops are now HI-MACS natural acrylic stone effect a non-porous dirt-repellent surface, Dometic CU600 oven has improved performance and noise reduction

Swift Command Control System featuring a new intelligent power supply unit with LCD Control Panel: many functions can be monitored/controlled via the new swift command app, Swift shield stain resistant fabric with an optional part leather finish.

The Swift command app is the new mobile app to allow Bluetooth connectivity and remote control of the new 2016 range of Swift caravans fitted with the new Smart Control Panel.  You can control heating and lighting from you phone! As well as this, the app can locate dealers nearby and review your location mapping history.  Download the app and have a look for your selves, it’s fantastic!

What makes Kon-tiki special?

Synonymous with impressive style and high standards, this top range enjoys an enviable combination of comfort, practicality and design innovation. The unique Smart Plus construction system backed by Swift’s 10 year bodyshell integrity warranty for total peace of mind

What did you learn from the process?

How professional and diligent the whole Motorhome division is, a real insight to the process.

How was watching the build? Was it how you expected?

A very carefully managed “Just in time” assembly with quality control being a number 1 priority. I was very pleased to see Fiat staff commissioning the chasiss’s prior to habitation construction.

Why buy Swift?

Simple, innovation and investment in construction methods worthy of the 21st Century. Established over 50yrs, Europe’s No 1 manufacturer of Caravans, Motorhomes and Holiday Homes

Customer Support: the best in the industry, check out the customer testimonials at swiftgroup.co.uk/swift-group/testimonials


The Cycle Of The Build

  1. Design and planning
  2. Baseboard for floor are fitted
  3. Chaises are then attached
  4. Furniture is assembled
  5. Followed by the joining of floors and walls
  6. Major quality checks at the end of the line before delivery
  7. Dispatch of Motorhome

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