What is the true cost of a leisure vehicle?

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On the surface, buying a leisure vehicle can seem like an expensive venture, but it may not be as pricey as you once thought. There are so many different outgoings and things to invest in that purchasing a camper, caravan or motorhome can be mind boggling. We are here to MYTHBUST and break down the TRUE cost of purchasing a leisure vehicle. We want to highlight where you can save money, and where you can make memories! 

Mythbust 1 - Finance options

When walking onto the Broadlane forecourt the price of the vehicles can be overwhelming. With prices from approx £12k to £60k plus it can seem instantly unobtainable to many. I mean, who has £60k just knocking about the place?! 

But, here at Broadlane we do offer finance - great huh!? We have financial partners that we work with on all of our leisure vehicles; caravans, campers and motorhomes, to find a purchasing plan that works for your circumstance! Working with Broadlane, we take the hassle out of applying and can have you driving off the forecourt with just a down payment exchanged. 

If you purchase your van on HP, you will pay a down payment for the vehicle and then make monthly payments that suit you until the vehicle has paid off - SIMPLE! But, what if you change your mind? Well, then you simply end your contract, pay off a settlement amount and the job is a good’n. 

So this way, you can have a 60K camper (for example) parked on your drive for two years, providing you with endless holidays, numerous escapes and several adventures for a fraction of that price! 

The average UK family spends approximately £4,000 on holidays each year. So why not have as many as you like for a similar price? 

Sounds simple to me! 


Mythbust 2 - Costs of extras

Now - we aren't trying to pull the wool over your eyes and say after a few payments you have endless fun in a vehicle with no added extras. There are a few extra bits that you will need to cough up for. 


A lot of us don't have enough drive space, garage space or general storage space for another vehicle on our property - so this normally means you need to find additional storage, even if you have a camper that fits on a generic drive or parking space. Prices of storage can vary, but most towns and cities have vehicle storage facilities. If you want to find your local storage site visit www.cassoa.co.uk or if you want advice on local storage sites, give us a call. 


If you decide to go for a campervan or motorhome, motor insurance is a legal requirement, the cost of which depends on driver experience and history. If you purchase a caravan we would recommend you take out insurance to look after your holiday on wheels. We recommend Caravan Guard and always tell our customers to quote Broadlane. Our customers have told us that CG is super easy to deal with, very efficient and & it was much more affordable than they thought! Customers have come back with quotes from £300 - £600 per annum (but again this will range on their driving experience etc.)


When it comes to camping in a leisure vehicle, the devil is in the details. There is an essential accessories list that we feel all customers need: 

Camping Gas which is available from our shop. £109.99 which includes the bottle, contract & gas. After that it's £40 to refill each time. 

Silver screens to cover the windscreen, drivers & passenger windows of motorhomes and campervans. Broadlane currently sells Thermal Silver screens which can be used to multi purpose. Can be used to stop your camping getting too hot in the summer and used for the evening for some privacy. These cost £81.99 

Jerry can or something to carry the water and fill the water tank up. This can be bought from our shop (depending on what size) but the standard size costs £11.99!

Hook up cables. We sell this again in our shop at £49.99 (25m)

So don’t let accessories worry you - we have you covered!

The final accessory we would recommend is an awning. Awnings are closable tents that are intended to be fixed to a stationary vehicle to give you a patio/conservatory next to your vehicle. This can add substantial room to your living space and make camping a lot more enjoyable for the whole family. 


We have a selection of sizes, brands and prices that our shop can offer. See below our Air Awnings we have on display currently - 

Outdoor Revolution Cayman Air £579 

Outdoor Revolution Cayman Combi Air £699 

Outdoor Revolution Movelite T2R - £699

Outdoor Revolution Cayman Can Toilet Tent £89 - This is a great option if you are not wanting a large awning, just wanting toilet facility! 


Mythbust 3 - Pitch and Hook-up

The final cost of camping is your camping pitch and hook up. In England you are only allowed to camp on designated campsites and in designated areas. Pitches can start at £10 a night so arent costly at all. However, if you venture up north to Bonny Scotland you can free camp! Park up wherever you want and kip for the night! 

We hope this article has cleared up any queries you had about the cost of owning a leisure vehicle and heading off on an adventure whenever you feel like it. 

If you have any questions about this blog, drop us an email or call in branch! 


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