It may feel as though the 2020 season never really got started, however the 2021 season is just around... here's what we are expeciting!

2020 has been very much a slow burner, however with 2021 just around thte corner the anticipation is building for what is to come. 

Firstly and most importantly with regards to interiors and shapes Coachman and Swift are only making moderate changes to keep things upto date and fresh. 

Both manafacturers are bringing all new caravans out as per usual in September and there will be some promotions along side these releases. 

It's also worht noting that as of the 1st August Coachman are introducting a cash back promotion which if we do say so ourselves is extremely appealing. 


While you may not have been able to get out as often as you would have liked this season, there is certainly lots to look forward to for the 2021 season and we are excited as you are to see the new caravans and motorhomes in the flesh!

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